General Store

Come on down to the General Store and try a sample of BBQ and Stew

General Store

General Store | Good Hope General Store - Good Hope, GA

Come down to Good Hope General Store and take in our old-timey ambiance, exploring the aisles in our all-brick building in Good Hope, GA. With the best local selection of grocery items such as sugar, flour, soup, drinks such as soft drinks and beer, and lottery tickets at the counter, we have everything you need when you just want to make a quick stop near home.

As a local general store, one of our primary goals is to promote goods manufactured right here at home in the United States of America. This increases the jobs available to our citizens right here in Georgia and helps move our great nation forward. As such, our general store is modeled after the old stores that once dotted America’s rural byways and small towns until the late 1900s.

These small general stores and businesses were not just places to shop, but a way of life. They were one-stop shopping locations where customers could purchase everything from grocery items to hardware, fish and tackle, and farm equipment. Anything that was not in-store could be ordered from the catalog. That is why we offer you such a wide selection of items, from fresh food at our deli and even BBQ and stew, to storage buildings and live bait.

When you are feeling hungry, we have a great selection of freshly prepared items like morning biscuits, and we offer daily lunch specials to-go from Monday to Friday. Our general store is a social gathering place, just like the general stores of old, where people from the community gather before work, at lunchtime, or in the evening to chat and pick up supplies.

Whether to buy an item or just to stop for a friendly chat, we invite you to come visit us at the Good Hope General Store.